Why visit Fimec?

FIMEC is the only fair in the world that brings the entire production chain of the leather footwear industry together in one place. Here, we have absolutely everything.Leather and skins, chemicals, components, machinery, technology and innovation for the footwear and tanning industries.The event lasts 3 days and is held in Novo Hamburgo, a hub for the world’s largest footwear industry. With all networking opportunities, experiences and exposure offered by the expo, you will gain knowledge and develop ideas to boost and expand your business.

Those who seek out knowledge grow faster in the industry. That is why FIMEC FÓRUM offers never-before seen contents to boost your business through debates on relevant topics, professional experience sharing, and networking opportunities. 


Confirmed sponsors


Fimec 2022 had the presence of three big names as sponsors: Transduarte, Sicredi Pioneira and the multinational Covestro.. Known for bringing together the biggest players in the Latin American market, Fimec is a major attraction to the three companies that, besides lending their names to the trade fair, will also be present with booths to conduct business.


     The director of sales and market development for Covestro, Silvio Hernandes Torres, believes in the competitive potential of Fimec to connect major companies to Covestro, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of raw materials for the footwear industry. “Fimec is a benchmark that brings together some of the biggest players in the market and provides opportunity to present the Brazilian and Latin-American markets with the newest technologies available around the world, focused chiefly on the circular economy and sustainability”, he said. The Brazilian market is of th utmost importance to the multinational, which is looking to present its innovative and sustainable technologies and materials that may also contribute to making Brazilian industry more competitive, while increasing possibilities to recycle footwear, in an effort to constantly bolster the circular economy.


     Sicredi Pioneira, acting as a sponsor for the second year running, believes in Fimec ‘s ability to bolster its brand within the industrial sector. “We believe the trade fair is of fundamental importance in introducing our technology and innovation to the sector. We have taken on the mission of showing that Sicredi offers comprehensive solutions for industry, too. This is what led us to be a sponsor for the first time in 2020 and to maintain that sponsorship in the coming year”, states Solon Stahl, CEO of Sicredi Pioneira. He explained further that the sponsorship is in line with Sicredi’s proposal. “”We must also consider that all the decisions made by the cooperative are in line with our proposal, namely to ‘build better communities together’. Within this context, a trade fair always bolsters business, generating income, maintenance or increasing jobs and income and, thus, something fundamental to building more resilient communities, reiterates Stahl.


     Transduarte, a company specialized in the transport and logistics of components, machines, equipment and chemical raw materials for the footwear sector, has been a Fimec partner for over 15 and continues its support. “We believe that Fimec will be a starting point to the market’s post-pandemic recovery. The footwear sector was severely affected, and the trade fair will be an opportunity to present new features and the strength of our sector”, states Filipe Baum, commercial manager. He went on to discuss the sector’s recovery. “The trade fair will be essential to the market’s recovery. We simply cannot afford to stop any longer, though, of course, all services must be taken up again while respecting the safety measures recommended by competent bodies”, said Baum.


Business fair, exclusively for industry professionals. No entry for children under 16 years.

Ensure convenience: Avoid queues and register early. In addition to being more convenient, by making your early registration, you speed up your access to the fair, ainda stay informed about the scheduled activities of the event, as it becomes part of our news and information mailing. 

Exclusive access through the new SALÃO NOBRE – Av. Nações Unidas, 3025 - Bairro Ideal - Novo Hamburgo/RS.

For trips to Brazil, check information directly with the BRAZILIAN CONSULATE in your city/region to confirm the requirements.

Free Transfer

Fenac offers a special free transfer service from Porto Alegre/Canoas/São Leopoldo > Novo Hamburgo > São Leopoldo/Canoas/Porto Alegre, on March 7th, 8th and 9th, 2023.

Itineraries will be announced in the future.
Accommodation rates must be verified directly with local hotels or partner agencies.

Travel and Accomodation


Rua Borges do Canto, 324 - Hamburgo Velho - Novo Hamburgo/RS
Phone: +55 51 35935316
E-mail:  estrelatur@estrelatur.com.br
Website: www.estrelatur.com.br
https://www.facebook.com/estrelatur.abmturismo | https://www.instagram.com/abmturismoestrelatur/


Package and reservation negotiations must be made directly with the Agency.



In addition to the Porto Alegre Hotels that we offer FREE TRANSFERS, you can check directly with the PARTNER HOTELS IN NOVO HAMBURG/SÃO LEOPOLDO, for availability and tariffs. Are they: 

Av. Nicolau Becker, 244 - Centro - Novo Hamburgo/RS
Phone: +55 51 30354040 | WhatsApp: +55 51 992719142
E-mail: executive@hotelsuarez.com.br
Site: www.hoteissuarez.com.br
https://www.facebook.com/HoteisSuarez | https://www.instagram.com/hoteissuarez/


   IBIS NOVO HAMBURGO (2,7km away*)
Rua José do Patrocínio, 303 – Bairro Rio Branco - Novo Hamburgo/RS
Phone/WhatsApp: +55 51 32711700
E-mail: h8175-re@accor.com.br
Site: www.ibishotel.com
https://www.facebook.com/ibisnovohamburgo | https://www.instagram.com/ibisnovohamburgo/


   HOTEL INTERCITY SÃO LEOPOLDO (10km de distância*)
Rua Marquês do Herval, 1275 - Centro - São Leopoldo/RS
Phone: 51 31035040 | WhatsApp: 51 993814302
E-mail: comercial.saoleopoldo@intercityhoteis.com.br | Site: https://www.intercityhoteis.com.br/
https://www.facebook.com/intercityhotels | https://www.instagram.com/intercity.hotels/


    LOCANDA HOTEL (750m away*)
Rua Wendelino Henrique Klaser, 35 – Bairro Ideal - Novo Hamburgo/RS
Phone: +55 51 30678500 | WhatsApp - +55 51 996708500
E-mail: reservas@locandahotel.com.br
Site: www.locandahotel.com.br
https://www.facebook.com/HotelLocanda | https://www.instagram.com/locandahotel/


Rua Joaquim Nabuco, 1555 – Centro – Novo Hamburgo/RS
Phone: +55 51 35947822 | WhatsApp: +55 51 998956857
E-mail: reservas@novohamburgohotel.com.br
Site: www.novohamburgohotel.com.br
https://www.facebook.com/Hotel.NH | https://www.instagram.com/nhhotel/


   SWAN NOVO HAMBURGO (4km away*)
Av. Dr. Mauricio Cardoso, 303 - Hamburgo Velho – Novo Hamburgo/RS
Phone: 0800 7077106
Reservation Center or +55 51 35532222
WhatsApp: +55 51 992282343 Reservation Center
E-mail:  reservas@swanhoteis.com.brluciane@swanhoteis.com.br
Site: www.swanhoteis.com.br
https://www.facebook.com/swanhoteis | https://www.instagram.com/swanhoteis/


The above information was provided by the hotels.Negotiations for daily rates and reservations must be made directly with the Hotel. 

*distance from the hotel from the Fenac access (Av. Nações Unidas, 3825 - B. Ideal)



Interested in organizing groups to visit FIMEC should contact directly with:
Adi Jeckel - Board Advisory
Phone: +55 51 3584.7200 | Whats: +55 51 999694153

For trips to Brazil, check information directly with the BRAZILIAN CONSULATE in your city/region to confirm the requirements.


Wait for FIMEC 2023 schedule.
07/03 - Terça-feira
Horario Event Description Place Registration
07/03 - Terça-feira
00:00 Aguarde programação FIMEC 2023

Aguarde programação FIMEC 2023


The event is free and intended for professionals in the leather-footwear sector. It is a professional fair, so children under 16 are not allowed to enter.

It is a professional fair, not being allowed the entry of minors under 16 years old.
It's simple: just contact the event's commercial - Rufatto at the e-mail comercial@rufatto.com.br or by phone +55 51 3067-5750. If you prefer, send a whats to +55 51 999694153.
Fimec is located at Fenac in Novo Hamburgo/RS. Exclusive access through the SALÃO NOBRE - Av. Nações Unidas, 3025 - Bairro Ideal. You can access it by car, bus (the place is next to the bus station) or by train - next to Fenac is the Fenac train station.

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